“Provincetown Road Trip!” featured music associated with Provincetown and Cape Cod, road tunes, songs about famous world cities, music composed by immigrants and their children who came to the United States of America, film themes evoking the epic movie tradition, New Orleans jazz, Bulgarian folk melodies… and great food prepared by wonderful people from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on a delightful Sunday afternoon.

This dark gothic chamber musical about the tormented life of Edgar Allan Poe, surrounded by the mothers, lovers, wives and muses who inspired his stories and poetry, was blessed with a talented cast and a visionary director. I reduced the instrumental score to piano and harp, which created an ethereal soundscape. “The music, played nearly continuously by pianist-music director John Thomas, is a treat for both music lovers and Poe fans.” – Provincetown Banner

I was the musical director for Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival’s two-night musical event Saloon Songs. The 2016 Festival featured Eugene O’Neill’s and William’s plays. We created an imaginary bar in a New York City downtown Irish neighborhood in 1929, a place O’Neill may have frequented, and local singers and Festival performers presented ballads, ditties, Tin Pan Alley tunes, and popular Broadway songs of the day.

I played piano for Courtney Act’s summer season musical homage to the pop music of her home country of Australia. I enjoyed Courtney’s master course on the music from down under (and New Zealand) and her whacky and innocently raunchy humor, amazing split-second improvisational abilities, comic timing and soaring voice.

I created Johnny & The Washashores as a music group featuring American rhythm and blues and music of the cultures that make Provincetown such a unique community: Balkan, Caribbean and Latin music with a dollop (or two) of New Orleans funk. In addition to the standard bar band instruments, we have included an accordion, a tuba, a gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe) and a boom-bah (a Pennsylvania Dutch percussion pogo stick… and lots of languages.

Richard Dowling and I made our piano duo debut in this concert celebrating American independence with a full program pianistic pyrotechnics and musical fireworks on the ivories… marches, jazz, parlor music, ragtime, Latin dances, boogie woogie, and the thunderously wild Gottschalk arrangement of Rossini’s “William Tell Overture”, which used every key on the 88-note Steinway grand piano multiple times.

Allison Mickelson is a beloved singer and storyteller whose energy and passion filled Tin Pan Alley every night we performed together in the 2016 summer season. Together we soared into improvisational in-the-moment musical heights filled with joy and surprise.

Christopher Sidoli and I have performed music together dozens of times in many settings: concert halls, churches, piano bars, parties, outdoor festivals. We have collected hundreds of songs, recorded an album and curated performances based on different themes. We were the Sunday night feature for three summer seasons at Tin Pan Alley. Making music with Christopher is a delight. His tenor voice ranges from tender ballad to soaring opera.

Paul Bisaccia and I have presented piano duo music on Cape Cod, Hartford CT and at this event in Shrewsbury MA, produced by Malcolm Halliday who is a fine pianist, organist and composer now based in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., MX. We had an enjoyable evening performing music from our recording of exciting and epic American music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Mauro Ledesma and I have presented lively and energetic performances of piano duo music of the Americas (from north to south) since 2015 in his beautiful hometown of San Miguel de Allende, Gto., MX. I was honored to perform this concert with Mauro in the historic Teatro Ángela Peralta where compositions by composers from Canada, the United States, Mexico and Cuba filled the concert hall. I also performed some of my original piano music.