I have been the keyboard artist (piano and synthesizer) for more than a decade of Outer Cape Chorale performances with founder Jon Arterton and current artistic director Allison Beavan. The Chorale of more than 100 singers has performed Bach, Bernstein, Brahms, Ellington, Rutter, Sondheim and more, and the Chamber Singers has sung my original anthem “I Hear America Singing!” (words by Walt Whitman).

Hundreds of musicians and poets and actors have entertained and delighted thousands of people for more than two decades. As a perennial “featured performer” in December, I have the opportunity to present an eclectic show embracing music from Broadway, the blues, New Orleans, Randy Newman, my own compositions, and songs in Spanish and Bulgarian.

Paul Bisaccia and I have presented piano duo concerts for more than a decade. An exciting part of our performances includes an 80-inch screen for the audience to watch the dazzling dance of 20 fingers on the 88 keys of the grand piano. In 2017 we presented the U.S. premiere of Mexican composer Ramsés Peña’s brilliant and rollicking Samba Loca.

In 2017, the 12th annual Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, curated by David Kaplan, paired Williams with William Shakespeare. I was the music director for Ballads & Beer, two evenings of musical stories of love and heartbreak, murder and triumph, families and loneliness, disasters and hope, liberty and death. More than a dozen singers from Cape Cod and Festival performers delivered exciting versions of popular ballads, blues and boogie woogie classics stretching from our era to old English bawdy tavern nights.

It is a pleasure for me to learn and perform music from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and the Romani people. Elena Mancheva, Zoran Matich, Petar Dimitrov and Goran Daskalov are among my teachers of these uniquely rhythmic and melodic traditions. When we make music together, the addition of my piano playing (with its own chordal and percussive capabilities) adds another layer to the traditional instrumentation, creating a cultural blend that brings something new to the senses.

The Great Music on Sundays @5 “Broadway” concerts, each with a special theme, are a popular part of Provincetown’s summer music events. Many of Broadway’s greatest composers and lyricists have been immigrants or children of immigrants. Our “Immigrants on Broadway” concert celebrated their creativity and theater productions that honor the diverse millions from abroad who contribute to our collective culture and humanity.

The annual Celebration of Life free community concert is an annual tradition, held the Friday after Labor Day, celebrating community and caring. Each year the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House sanctuary is filled with hundreds of people, prayer ribbons rising into the air, driving percussion rhythms, magnificent grand piano performances, dozens of unique and wonderful performers, joy, happiness, love and life.

Cabaret diva Sharon McNight is a consummate performer who collects and presents an amazing array of songs. Her comic sensibility is perfection, her emotional range is phenomenal, her attention to detail is like no other, and she is just a heck of a lot of fun. Sharon is a Tony Award nominee and recipient of the Theatre World Award for “Outstanding Broadway Debut”. I have played piano for her Provincetown performances since 2013.

I have enjoyed making music with Jon Arterton and James Mack for many years. They combine their passion for social justice with their careful selection of great music from many genres to present songs of hope and love that, combined with their humor and delightful demeanors, always lifts up the audience to a higher place.

Brian Calhoon is making musical waves in Boston and elsewhere with performances of his Marimba Cabaret, bringing together virtuoso musicianship and an affection for storytelling, musical theater, pop songs and fiery classical compositions. Brian and I had a great time presenting Marimba Cabaret in Provincetown. We performed dance-inspired music by Hungary’s Bela Bartók and Argentina’s Astor Piazzolla, music from American composers George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, and William Finn, Professor Longhair’s “Big Chief”, and more.

Richard Dowling, one of the world’s best interpreters of Scott Joplin’s music, also enjoys the challenges and joys of performing delightful and complicated piano duo music. Our “Four Piano Hands Around the World!” concert featured many of our own arrangements of wild dances and rags by Gottschalk, Grieg and Lecuona and concluded with George Gershwin’s epic and rarely performed “Cuban Overture”.

“So Mighty Was the Dream” is a celebration of the immigrant experience and the countless journeys of millions from homelands of origin to the United States of America with the hopes that future generations would have better lives. Christopher Sidoli and I conceived this concert together as a creative result of our mutual passion for the beauty of diverse cultures and our concerns about present-day social currents regarding immigrants.

WorldFest was created in 2011 to welcome, support, celebrate, integrate and enhance the visibility of Provincetown’s international seasonal and year-round student/worker population. The annual concert features musicians from around the world who share their music and culture. This event is created and hosted by dozens of volunteers and organizations. I am the producer and co-founder.

Each season of 18 weekly Great Music on Sundays @5 concerts presents a grand melodic buffet: Broadway, Balkan, Baroque, Choral, Chamber, Piano, Organ… music of our world. The Broadway concerts have featured dozens of singing divas and divos and are an audience favorite. I am the producer of the series, and I perform in the majority of the concerts as pianist, singer and/or composer.