First presented in Provincetown in the summer of 2017 as part of the “Great Music on Sundays @5” concert series, “So Mighty Was the Dream” has its New York City premiere performance on April 7, 2018. This concert celebrates the immigrant experience and the countless journeys of millions from homelands of origin to the United States of America with the hopes that future generations would have better lives. We all have it in our hearts to celebrate each other and to honor our own immigrant ancestors who came here just as our new friends are arriving from distant shores today.

The 20th exciting season of 18 weekly Great Music on Sundays @5 concerts from June 10 to October 7 presents a grand melodic buffet: Broadway, Balkan, Baroque, Choral, Chamber, Piano, Organ… music of our world. I am the producer of the series, and I perform in the majority of the concerts as pianist, singer and/or composer.

WorldFest was created in 2011 to welcome, support, celebrate, integrate and enhance the visibility of Provincetown’s international seasonal and year-round student/worker population. The annual concert features musicians from around the world who share their music and culture. This event is created and hosted by dozens of volunteers and organizations. I am the producer and co-founder.

On every Friday after Labor Day since 1994, the historic and elegant sanctuary of Provincetown’s Unitarian Universalist Meeting House has been the setting for an event filled with music, celebration, life, memory and joy. The annual Celebration of Life is Provincetown’s longest running free music festival. Hundreds of performers have shared their talents throughout the years. Thousands have celebrated life together.